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I don't really get what this stray '' in program mean. :oops: suddenly compiler stopped working n displayed this message n it's not compiling any more,even it's not highlighting important fields.

GPS Logger compile error: stray '' in program

2/18/2017Thanks Christian for the answer. But my problem is i can't download the oldest Arduino Version (1. 0. 6) because the version of my Mac is the OS X Yosemite 10. 10. 5 and is not compatible with the Arduino SDK 1. 0. 6.

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/29/2016My Portuguese is too rusty to even try to answer in pt. . Hope this helps anyway. I had a similar issue with a code snippet I copied from somewhere.


Instead of stray in program for which I found here, I got the error message: algo. c:118: error: stray ‘’ in program algo. c:118: error: stray ‘

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Merci :) L'autre raison pour l’apparition de codes , c'est lorsque l'on tape un espace avec la touche shift enfoncais.

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Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

Fix Arduino Error Stray ' 302' In Program (Solved)

Boa noite, estou tentado controlar servos por controle de ps2, porem sempre que compilo aparece a seguinte mensagem sketch_sep15b:16: error: stray '' in program

Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

ray '' in programのエラーとは? -stray '' in

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Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

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/9/2018It means you have a weird character (302 is its representation) in your code. Search for Shift+space for example which is a spacenolinebreak character you might have gotten in your program by copying and pasting from the webpage or fat finger when you typed in your code.

Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

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tray in \ program diyor derlemiyor hocam okoman December 2014 programı kopyala yapıştır yaparken iine …

Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

gway_mpu:6: error: stray '' in program unsigne

tray '' in programstray '' in programとはどのような意味でしょうか? ソースとか掲示したり、エラーメッセージをそのまま掲示したほうがいいんですけどね。

Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

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/16/2015na compileren krijg ik telkens onderstaande fout: exit status 1 stray '' in program waar ligt dit aan?

Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

ray ‘’ in program, stray ‘’ in program 에러 해결 방법

P. S. это я написал, чтоб, кому случится, сразу знали в чём искать Печать Страницы: [ 1 ] Вверх

Arduino error stray 302 in program arduino

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2/6/2018本文节选自《Arduino程序设计基础》 之前的章节已经介绍了多种方法控制LED,但单是开关LED未免显得太过单调了,还可以尝试用analogWrite() 函数输出PWM波,来制作一个带呼吸效果的LED灯。