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I'm trying to get my arduino to constantly read data from a text file. So far I managed to get it to read the text file upon a mouse click every time, using the function. Problem: I am now trying to let it send data whenever the text file is APPENDED with new alphabets.

Is there a way to display category items in categories listing

The project aims at developing an inventory management system using the C language that enables an organization to maintain its inventory. Various verified C based projects. Inventory Management System Using C. int numItems; /*to count the no of the items in the stock*/

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I am writing a theme for our team website and am currently using the category listing from com_contact to display a list of our team members. All members are in a single category called Teammember. . .

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Todo: Create a function to generate a menu from a string array in a simpler manner. Maybe a setter and a getter function for the index would be practical.

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I have a SharePoint 2013 hosted app and use CSOM queries to create multiple list items. My question is related to the parameters of the callback method. After executing my query using clientContext.

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atetime arrays represent points in time using the proleptic ISO calendar. datetime values have flexible display formats up to nanosecond precision and can account …

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Motor mount design #5 has a sheet steel base with CF pieces to reinforce the bends of the steel.

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Librermero de elementos almacenados.

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Arduino-Due receiving strings from Processing via serial

HI everyone , Following code is to control two led for on and off by two dedicated push buttons , I have used if for each condition and I was not. . .